The school of life.

hitlerimage1What would have possibly happened if the Germans had actually won the Second World War? If the Americans debarkation on the Normandy beaches had proved to be unsuccessful? There are so many questions that we can ask ourselves when we see such possible tragedies, even though they have been resolved. My mum used to tell me that thinking this way won’t change history, even though it’s briefly tempting to think what would have happened IF this or that could have been prevented or not …

nazi-america-the-man-in-the-high-castleAnyway such a scenario has apparently proved to be a factor in the success of the series ‘The Man in the High Castle’, first issued in 2015 – the biopic is an amazing reconstruction of what might have happened to the world if the Second World War had not ended as it did. Fortunately, the Nazi ideology belongs today to the past, despite the presence of small groups of Nazi sympathizers, almost undetectable given their small number.

When reality surpasses fiction.. And it is in a not so parallele world that Tessa Amezaga has been brought to see them from very close…
It’s in between two times when she had to move house, last June that Tessa told me about her life history.13718059_10207096139703780_1275109036_o
But before starting anything, who’s Tessa?13728359_10207096147103965_1756557297_oPassport                                                                                                                                                       Third year student of Politic and International Relations, Fashion conscious, Tessa is a Spanish national. Born in Madrid to parents of Spanish and Uruguayan descent, she has navigated between those two cultures since her earliest years. Because, while Spain is her native country, it is impossible for her to choose one of them: ‘Uruguay is my second home – my dream would be to be able to go there and live there for 5 or 6 years ‘ ( well not a really precise figure).
And it is in a cosmopolitan environment that Tessa grew up. Accustomed to the English system, she already speaks three languages :Spanish, English and French. This third language hiding a huge admiration that Tessa nourishes for the French capital ‘Paris’ since her earlies youth. ‘I’ve always dreamt of living there’ she confides to me. And it is over there that she will spend the next 12 months of this year on placement.

Politics, a family affair?
When throwing a look at her family history, we may easily think that politics is a part of their DNA, her great grandfather being a lawyer and one of the first presidents of Uruguay. Yet, two or three years ago, nothing was too sure. ‘I was about to go and study hotel management in La Rochelle’, she confesses. But one meeting was going to change the course of the things.’At the end of an oral for my final year exams , the jury encouraged me to study politics, and it’s only at this moment that the idea came to my mind’. Supported by her family, Tessa got herself registered on UCAS and applied to the University of Bath..

‘Tessa you’ll be a politics student’

About her Passions:
‘I’m a huge fan of Fashion,’ she confides me with a malicious smile. ‘I don’t know.. . I’ve always adored looking at models on instagram, facebook, internet. I’m just fascinated by the power of clothes on women and how it can transform them, make them feel happier, more confident.’13718124_10207096144623903_1133782412_o13728501_10207096144663904_973395205_o13720658_10207096139663779_1650884799_o
And thus not surprisingly Tessa created her own blog one year ago.13720506_10207098246156440_1602910939_o
-A moi la liberté Paris- , picture taken in Cuba, one of her favorite articles is based on that trip.

A young girl open to the world

Very young, Tessa has been brought to see uncommon things, that changed her vision of the world. ‘I’ve witnessed hard things, racism in its purest form’, she says. Indeed, when she was only 13 years old, Tessa saw one of her schoolmates being bullied because of her Jewish origins. ‘She was very religious’, she tells me. ‘As a result her parents were firmly against the idea that she should eat at the canteen, instead they used to give her a tuna sandwich’. Why? ‘Mistrust’, Tessa explains, ‘They didn’t want her to eat in a plate that had been in contact with meat’. But one day, when the two friends arrived to collect her box at lunch time, it didn’t take long for the 13-year-old girls to realize that the meal was gone. Three days later, it was in the girls’ toilets that they finally found it covered with a swastica. Experiences that marked Tessa and somehow fed her thirst for justice.

‘I saw them teasing the few Jewish of the school on a daily basis, and no measure was taken, because there was no proof, and who was going to punish them when their own parents were  racists?’

4471503_7_c0fa_scene-de-l-inquisition-detail-de-la-fresque_140208353ebdc152a2027aefae17ad88Although those far right groups are in minority today, this uneasy relationship toward the Jewish people didn’t start in Spain during the second world war, but a few centuries ago, the 15th century to be more precise. At this time the Spanish people finally gained their freedom from Muslim rule and turned brutally against the Jews, judged disloyal and heretic . The Spanish inquisition started at this time. This was the context in which Tessa’s ancestors, like many other Spanish families of this epoch, found themselves forced to choose between death or conversion to Christianity. ‘Religious extremists massacred thousands of people’, explains Tessa. And very quickly, a clear distinction was to be established between the new converts and the old Catholic families.
However, for Tessa, those facts, although not REPRESENTATIVE of Spanish society at the present time, should be reminded ‘ the duty of remembrance is crucial ‘ she says ‘ if we want to prevent history repeating itself.’

Her biggest achievement so far
‘Being one of the finalists for the casting of a huge musical comedy in Spain : Hoy no me puedo levantar,music has always been a passion. I’ve learnt to play the guitar on my own, I sing, and I have participated in a lot of castings but this one was special to me, I was in front of the camera, dancing to the music of Michael Jackson, I had to be fast and practical, I was quite dismissive but they always get back to me before I definitely left the adventure. But this is so far my biggest achievement.’13718077_10207096146223943_594498259_o
And it’s on these last words that the interview came to an end.


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