10 signs you are a third culture kid

7-“You get nervous whenever a form needs you to enter a “permanent address.” (continue reading)


Girl Power (EN)

‘And it doesn’t take long before we realize that we’re living in a world of desires massively unsatisfied. Because if European women dream of a lightly tanned skin, Asian women want a diaphanous skin’ (click, to continue reading)

Girl Power

                       Diversité – Nous avons tant à apprendre de l’Autre.Kelly-Ann Fonderson. Ce que vous devez absolument savoir sur elle avant d’entamer cet article.Passeport – Étudiante en première année de Politique et relations internationales, à l’université de Bath, Kelly nous viens tout droit des Pays Bas où elle y a passé les 18 premières années de… Continue reading Girl Power

The Making of a third culture kid part 1 (EN)

Soon the baby swan accepts the judgment of his community and runs away. Not until much later does he see himself differently. He finally meets other swans and realizes they reflects his own image in a beautiful way. At last this little ugly duckling understands both his personal identity in being a swan and that he does, in fact, belong to a community..’’
Often interpreted as the implicit confession of an artist who couldn’t find his place in the society of his time, this tale is a good representation of the society we are living in, centred on conformism. All the issues encountered by this duckling (who actually isn’t one) is a wink to the notion of belonging